Top 7 Money Management Apps

Financial planning is the starting point for effective personal financial management. It includes three important elements: a realistic budget, well-defined financial goals, and real-time tracking.

Budgeting helps you stay committed to your financial goal, while real-time tracking helps you take the right actions at the right time. However, money management is easier said than done. Budgeting and real-time tracking can be challenging, and requires a significant investment of time and effort. But money management apps can help. These apps are very useful in helping you to manage your money and personal money effectively.

Why use a money management apps?

The Financial Management app is a useful tool to help you drive your personal financial strategy. The most immediate benefit of using a money management app is that it helps you stick to your budget. It allows you to track your spending and manage your cash flow on a daily basis, helping you get closer to your financial goals.

10 Best Money Management Apps

Here is a list of the best money management apps to help you with your financial planning:

1. Supersplit

SuperSplit is the easiest way to split expenses among friends, colleagues and roommates – without causing strain in your relationship. The app allows you to create groups that you would normally split expenses with. These expenses can include anything from rent to trips and movies to food. SuperSplit helps you add and track expenses and receive payments hassle-free. The best part: SuperSplit sends payment reminders to everyone in the group, allowing you to skip the awkward experience of reminding them yourself.

2. MoneyView

Moneyview money management app provides you an instant view of your money. It reads all financial data hidden in SMS messages related to financial transactions and updates your report, avoiding the need for manual entry.

3. Goodbudget

Goodbudget is your go-to app for everyday expenses. Designed specifically for personal budgets, this money management app helps you stay on top of your budget, finances, and bills. The app also gives you consistent and timely reminders to pay bills and analyzes your spending behaviour.

4. Money Manager

Money Manager is one of the best money management apps that makes handling expenses fun. This financial planning, asset management and expense tracking app makes it easy for you to review financial statements daily/weekly/monthly, track your personal and business financial transactions, and manage your assets.

5. Monefy

Keeping track of invoices, purchases, and other expenses is easy with Monefy. This personal finance app is not just an expense tracker, but also one of the best money saving apps.
Furthermore, Monefy tracks expenses and compares them to the budget and income planner, helping you keep your budget at its best.

6. Expense Manager

Expense Manager is one of the best money management apps. A simple, stable, intuitive and feature-rich budget and expense tool tracks your expenses and helps you manage your budget effectively.

7. Wallet

The wallet allows you to transact banking under one roof. It links all your bank accounts and links to debit and credit cards and other payment systems you use. You can view all your transactions at once on Wallet. It also analyzes financial data to provide meaningful results to keep control of your money and better manage your money.

8. Dhani

Dhani is one of the best personal finance apps, a one-stop shop for all your financial needs. It allows you to apply for a personal loan, open a Demat / trading account instantly, and manage all your payments. This money management app allows you to play games for money and listen to audio stories or podcasts about health and lifestyle. The Dhani Rupay Card allows you to shop at various stores across the country.

9. Walnut

Walnut is an end-to-end money management app that allows you to easily manage your transactions. This app keeps track of the expenses you have paid using cards, internet, mobile wallets, ATMs or online banking. The app captures data from your SMS messages and categorizes expenses based on their nature. The nut also reminds you to pay your bills. This handy app also allows you to manage shared expenses between family and friends, helping you to settle bills within the app.

10. Accreditation

CRED rewards you with exciting offers and gifts every time you pay your credit card bill. You can add multiple credit cards to this app without worrying about different billing cycles. CRED rewards you with points on every bill payment  – that can be exchanged for luxury items. You can also use other CRED features like CRED Rent Pay, free line of credit  5 Bucks and ‘Buy Now, Travel Later’ option.

Innovation in the financial industry has made it easier to manage personal finance. With the help of these best money management apps, you can control your spending.

Save money and invest strategically to reach your financial goals.