5 of the Best Travel List App for Travelers

When getting ready for a journey, many travelers use a packing list to earn certain they’ve obtained everything they need. Some passionate individuals also obtain all carried away and produce a complete packing spreadsheet. We are not those individuals.

In the age of individual branding, Instagrammers have also began to treat packing such as some kind of art form. Their feeds are complete of images of color-coordinated equipment, in (of course) picture-perfect bags.


On the other hand, countless articles extol the merits of packing “light”, packing “wise”, or packing “such as a professional”. In brief, packing is taken very seriously. At the very least by some individuals.

So, what’s the best way to do it? There is no one solution to that question, but if you are having a hard time, packing applications can help. At their best, these devices can be the distinction in between a hassle-free journey which terrible sinking feeling at the flight terminal.

Most great packing applications have a free variation available, although you will often need to pay a couple of bucks to open every feature. We’ve inspected out the available options, and although none in shape all our requirements perfectly, many definitely have their uses.

Keep in mind that many travel-related items were mostly shelved by their developers throughout the pandemic, consisting of most of these packing applications, and some still have not received any updates since we first mentioned them in 2019.

Provided the circumstances, we’re maintaining them on the list in the meantime, but will remove them in our next upgrade if they remain deserted. We’ve kept in mind where this holds true, and would certainly recommend just using the free variations of these applications instead compared to spending for premium until/unless there is an upgrade.


If you are looking for a problem-free application, Packpoint is a strong choice. While this application does not have many bells and whistles, it is simple and easy to use.

You begin by going into information about on your own and your journey, such as sex, location, travel days and purpose, and potential tasks. The application after that immediately generates a packing list based upon your choices and the most likely weather at your location.

From there, you can select the items you want to pack. There are some restrictions with the free variation, however. You can select a amount for each item of clothes you want to pack, but except various other items such as toiletries, power adapters, or video cams.

The free variation is also a little bit clunky with importing information, and I skilled problems when attempting to export my personalized list to Gmail. Updating to Premium allows you access custom design themes, sync with TripIt and EverNote, and remove ads.

Overall it is a good application, but is pretty minimal without the premium update.

Keep in mind: no upgrade since 2019.

iOS or Android, free or $2.99 for Premium.

Packing Professional

If you are taking a trip in a large team, inspect out Packing Professional. This application provides comprehensive packing lists for the whole family, consisting of children, infants, grownups, and also pets.

An “expert” aide immediately generates lists for several individuals, and there is a grasp brochure available with an extra 800 items. You can also include pictures, notifies, and a list of concerns.

Once complete, you can publish or e-mail your packing lists, sync them to iCloud, or export right into Stand out, Numbers, or Msn and yahoo Docs. The main drawback of Packing Professional is mainly cosmetic; it is not a beautiful or especially structured application. In truth, the design is a little bit ugly.

For travelers that want their applications to influence a feeling of unchecked wanderlust, Packing Professional may show disappointing. If you worth functionality and features over great appearances, however, maybe the way to go.

iOS, $2.99


You can think about Packtor as the middle-ground in between Packpoint and Packing Professional. It is more aesthetically attractive and structured compared to Packing Professional, and more detail-oriented and comprehensive compared to Packpoint.

So what’s not to such as? Let’s begin with the heteronormative, gendered presumptions. When you start planning a journey, you can decide to pack as a lady, guy, pair, or family. If you select “pair,” Packtor immediately generates “Clothes for Him” and “Clothes for Her” lists. Same-sex pairs do not travel, obviously.

Second, the application is a little bit stringent. For instance, when you select certain subjects (such as accommodation), you can just pick one category (such as “hostel” or “resort “), despite many travelers jumping in between various kinds of accommodation.

If the Packtor group redesigns the application to be more versatile and comprehensive, this could be an incredible device for travelers.

Keep in mind: no upgrade since 2019.

iOS and Android, free to produce one list, $0.99 for 5 more packing lists


The free variation of PackKing is pretty limited. You can by hand produce a list from the ground up, and that is about it. The application truly shines when you spend for the Premium solution, however, opening a multitude of extra features.

You can find automated recommendations based upon your sex, setting of transport, expected weather, and planned tasks. The application is user-friendly and user-friendly, with the ability to scroll in between various lists, such as “Devices,” “Health,” and “Clothes,” on top of the screen.

One feature I truly such as is the addition of a “To-Do’s” area. It is a wise choice, as packing prep work often goes together with basic journey prep work. The premium variation also includes limitless packing lists, exporting to PDF and various other applications, supporting your information, and removing advertisements.

iOS or Android, free or $4.99 for Premium


Packr is ideal for a multi-destination journey. When planning a journey with this application, you can select as many locations as you such as. Truthfully, I’m shocked that not all packing applications have this feature.

You can also obtain an everyday break down of the weather report for your intended locations. This is very handy, and a better model compared to various other applications that produce packing recommendations based upon the projection, yet never ever clearly inform you what type of weather exists in store.

Packr can also auto-generate packing suggestions. Lists can be shown others, and synchronized throughout your devices.

iOS, free or $2.99 for Premium

Easy Pack

For electronic wanderers and long-lasting travelers, Easy Pack has a useful feature: the “Aide” area. Most packing applications presume you are taking place temporary journeys with one location and set begin/finish days, but Easy Pack is organized in a different way.

You can produce a common “bag” that is not connected to any particular location or timeline. Instead, it is based upon more basic travel information, such as that you will travel with, the kinds of transport you’ll use, and the tasks you plan to participate in.

You can produce a limitless variety of lists, reusing and modifying them as you wish. Also, it should be mentioned that unlike the various other options here, Easy Pack is totally free. There are no hidden or in-app costs, and no Premium solution option.

Keep in mind: no upgrade since 2019.

Android: free


If you simply want to by hand produce a packing list, have a look at PackTeo. Unlike many various other packing applications that concentrate on auto-generated lists, PackTeo is well-suited for manual list development. You can choose items from a basic brochure, or may simply enter the items you plan to pack.

PackTeo allows you include several items at the same time to assist streamline the process, or you can do so separately if you had prefer. The physical side of packing is also considered, since you are inquired about the amount and weight of your items, and which bag you will put them in.

To clear up, PackTeo does also permit auto-generation of packing lists; it is simply that the manual aspects of the application are especially well done.

Android, free

Packing List Checklist

The last application on this list is a jack-of-all-trades option. Packing List Checklist does not have any unique features or unique offerings, but is a great general-purpose packing device for travelers.

Producing a packing list is simple, with several hundred items to choose from throughout 2 dozen categories. You can also include your own categories and items as needed, or start from the ground up.

You can produce several packing lists, after that publish them out, conserve to PDF, or share via e-mail, messaging applications, and more. To-do lists are also available, where you can again pick from a list of suggestions or begin with a vacant web page.

Most features are available in the free variation, but some (such as setting item amounts, pointers, and iCloud back-up and sync) are just opened by paying a couple of bucks.

Keep in mind: no upgrade since 2019.

iOS, free or $2.99 for Premium

Final Thoughts

While there are lots of packing applications for travelers, extensively talking, they’re all pretty comparable. I’d prefer to see companies taking a couple of more dangers with them.
For one, I hope that these applications become much less heteronormative (such as Easy Pack) or packed with presumptions about sex. That says all female travelers want to pack gowns, birth control, and make-up, or that man travelers would not pack any one of those points?
I also hope these applications eventually do a better job of addressing various kinds of travelers. Some individuals take place brief vacations a couple of times a year, some visit many locations over an extended time period, and others may not have any set locations or timelines at all.
This variety of travel designs is badly reflected in most of packing applications, and they’re much less useful consequently. Despite their defects, however, I’m still happy that packing applications exist. With any good luck, they will just improve and expand in the future.

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